Onondaga Masonic District Historical Society

Liverpool Temple, 608 Oswego Road, Liverpool, New York 13088
Founded 14 December 1995

Oswego Masonic District Historical Society

Phoenix Temple, 451 Main Street, Phoenix, New York 13135
Founded 1 December 1998

Mission Statement

  • To preserve the history and traditions, to include the archives and artifacts, of the Onondaga and Oswego Masonic Districts and its Concordant Bodies; To educate the Masonic Brethren and public sector regarding our history and traditions;
  • To promote appreciation of our past and current Onondaga and Oswego Districts environment as reflected through our history and traditions;
  • To serve as an historical information resource center through the Society's lectures, seminars, studies, archives, artifacts and endeavors;
  • To sponsor a forum for a Research Group, Philosophical Study Group and Ritual Society in the Onondaga and Oswego Districts, and such other Groups and Committees as would support this Mission.
  • To coordinate with other Masonic Libraries, Museums and Research or Historical Societies on matters of mutual support and interest.

Freemasonry has a rich heritage of history, philosophy, ritual and community service. Its traditional roots came into being with the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England [U.G.L.E.] in 1717, but an earlier presence may be found among various manuscripts, such in the Cooke Manuscript [ca 1450], or the Regius Manuscript (Haliwell Poem) [ca 1390]. In time Freemasonry found its way to the American Colonies with the Chartering of the Grand Lodge of New York in 1783.

Throughout the world there are vast repositories of this heritage in Freemasonry’s many Libraries and Museum’s. Thousands of books and articles have been written. Much has been preserved and much has been lost through the ravages of time. Soon after I joined the Craft I heard and noted that some of more local Masonic heritage had a way of disappearing from time to time, so I slowly began save what I could and to assemble a Library and Museum in which to house it. Within a few short years our Historical Society was founded and our holdings grew to over 5,000 books, magazines, archives and artifacts. In other parts of New York State there are other very fine repositories and knowledgeable Brothers.

Please feel free to review the pages and links of this website and drop us an email if you would like to assist in making it an even greater resource for the Fraternity.

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