Masonic Philosophy and Ritual

from the pages of the
Onondaga and Oswego Masonic Districts Historical Societies

PHILOSOPHY, in the Masonic sense, covers a vast body of research, articles, books, magazines, charts, art, artifacts and related media. Several major areas of this philosophy come from its Rituals, old Constitutions and Manuscripts, and from the many works that have spun off from these into a very divers body ranging from the scholarly, to the speculative, and to the fringes thereof.

In the pages of this website a selection of material is presented to reflect some of the interesting aspects of this Philosophy and the numerous efforts to sort out the ‘meaning’ of it. Other aspects of this may also be found in our pages relating to Masonic History and Masonic Geometry.

One work of this nature you will find on our Masonic Geometry page, under the title of "Freemasonry and a View of the Perennial World Philosophy." It will be uploaded in Chapters as time permits.

Below you will find selections categorized, where appropriate, into such topics as may be convenient for what may be uploaded from time to time. While our archives are large, alas our labor is significantly less, so check back periodically for new additions to our postings.